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Custom design. Personal service. Attention to detail. Jewelry soirées. Whether you are choosing your wedding day parure or your attendants’ gifts, a visit to Donna Distefano’s atelier is far more than a trip to a typical jewelry store. We offer made-to-order rings, festive events, gifts, and accessories for the wedding party. A precious jewel can be yours to have and to hold from this day forward. Donna Distefano is a leading designer of custom wedding jewelry. Her glittering engagement rings have been featured in America's leading bridal publications. At the Donna Distefano atelier, we will create the finest quality ring to make your dream a reality. We source the diamonds and gemstones you desire from responsible vendors across the world. Your rings will be made by hand with love in New York City. No matter your budget, you will always receive personal attention and the finest craftsmanship and materials.


The engagement ring is an enduring symbol of your love. Choose a handcrafted ring to express your personal style.

Diamonds are composed purely of carbon, making them the hardest gemstone in the world. A diamond's value is contingent not on only its size and weight, but on its cut, color, and clarity. At Donna Distefano, our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Consult with our design experts as your ring is transformed from rendering to finished jewel.

colored gemstones

Colored gemstone engagement rings have been popular since the Renaissance. The color of the chosen stone gave meaning to the ring itself. Rubies represented a passionate heart. Sapphires were connected with faithfulness. Emeralds guaranteed perpetual love. Until the late nineteenth century, diamonds were rare and out of reach for most couples. Today, diamonds are ubiquitous, so choosing an exotic gemstone will make your engagement ring stand out from the crowd. Accented by diamonds or standing alone, our colorful options can make your most important jewelry purchase as personal as it is timeless.



Our goldsmiths create wedding bands that reflect the individuality of each couple. Whether you choose from our collection or commission a custom jewel, your ring will be handmade with love. Or contact us about Forge Ahead and make your own.


Wedding daY JEWELS

Every detail of your wedding is an expression of love. Your wedding day jewels should be as well. Whether you are shopping for a full parure or simply an engagement ring, we can create by hand the pure expression of your personal style. Or if you have a family heirloom in need of attention, we would love to restore it to its former glory for you. Bring us your history, your color palette, your desire, and we will make your vision a reality.



Your honor attendants are a special part of your wedding and your life. Donna Distefano can provide memorable gifts and experiences for you and your wedding party. Our wedding party gifts can be customized in myriad ways. Or host a celebratory soirée in our atelier, where each guest can learn hands-on about the goldsmithing process.